Twitter allows test users to add extra media to their tweets

Regular Twitter users know the frustration of only being able to add an image or video to tweets. Whether it’s presenting an event, a day trip, or just introducing yourself, running a thread can be annoying. On the bright side, Twitter is testing a new feature that allows up to four media devices in a single tweet.

According to a press release titled TechCrunch, Twitter has recognized and is working on a possible opportunity:

We’re testing a new feature with select accounts for a limited time that will allow people to mix up to four media items into a single tweet, regardless of format,” a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We’re seeing people have more visual conversations on Twitter and using images, GIFs and videos to make those conversations more exciting.

The move appears to come at a time when multimedia social platforms (Instagram and TikTok) are booming, helping Twitter to remain among the leading social platforms.

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