The Lich King returns to World of Warcraft Classic

September 26, 2022 will be an exciting day for World of Warcraft fans. The Lich King, who made his debut in the second expansion of World of Warcraft, returns to this world again.

Players can explore the Borean Tundra of Northrend or the Howling Fjord and witness the epic visuals and beloved storytelling from the Warcraft series, leading to the overthrow of the Lich King and control of the Icecrown Citadel.

Delve Dungeons & Raids

Explore Northrend

The fearsome death knight is the first hero in World of Warcraft, he starts at level 55 and can join any faction. They will use the forces of darkness against the evil that threatens Azeroth. Back then, players could only create one Death Knight character per server, and that server required a level 55 character, but in Wrath of the Lich King, players no longer have to think about creating their first Death Knight character according to these requirements.

Death knight

The introduction of the Inscription Profession in World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King Classic™ allows players to inscribe arcane characters, change spell skills and attributes such as cooldowns and damage, etc., and craft powerful accessories .

Master the art of captioning

The achievement system returns to World of Warcraft Classic™ and rewards players for their great deeds and heroic feats.

Players will have access to a 50% bonus XP event during the pre-launch, which will last until launch day. Additionally, all WoW subscribers get the opportunity to create up to one death knight creation per classic realm. Don’t forget to use Burning Crusade Classic™ as free content from your WoW subscription to level your new character up to level 70 if you want. Other optional upgrades such as new cosmetic items and a level 70 character boost can also be purchased and used in the new edition.

Joyous Journeys XP buff in preparation for Wrath Classic

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