Telstra now allows customers to add up to five bundles to their account

Telstra has announced that it will now allow customers to add up to five bundles to their account, however, to take part in this new deal, customers must have at least one of the Upfront Essential or Upfront Premium mobile bundles.

Telstra says the new bundles would be perfect for kids’ smartphones, tablets or mobile broadband hotspots. The new bundles allow Telstra customers to add their family members’ phones to their account and allow all users to access data at unlimited download speeds.

The new mobile plan includes 15GB of “Ultimate Speed” data and unlimited standard domestic calls and texts, with plans starting at $47 per month. The company claims that this is $11 cheaper than the basic upfront plan.

As for the data package, Telstra said it’s ideal for tablets or mobile broadband devices, with customers getting a data-only SIM card for tablets and hotspots with 10GB of Ultimate data for $10 a month.

Telstra also said the data plan is 50% cheaper than its lowest-priced stand-alone SIM-only data plan and rewards customers with twice the amount of data.

Telstra has said that Essential and Premium mobile plans now include extra Telstra Plus benefits to help you get more out of your mobile phone and reward you for your loyalty and ongoing support, as well as staying connected and not being overcharged, plus an additional service. as a package deal can potentially allow all family members to join while saving you money on stand-alone plans.

You can see the new package plans here.

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