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Miami is a city famous for its amazing night life and lifestyle. If you’re seeking to vacation in Miami and you want to show off your class, this is a put together list of the “Most expensive restaurants in Miami”. We will also look at its costs, menu and head chefs. Stay with us!

Hakkasan Restaurant

This a Chinese Restaurant that has made itself famous as one of the leading restaurants in the world by having a Michelin star as early as in 2001. Hakkasan is one of the Most expensive restaurants in Miami and is known for its expensive and luxurious mode of service and operation. They have grown so much that they now have branches in about 10 locations starting from London down to Europe and even Miami.

Hakkasan is headed by Head Chef Jian Heng Loo who is in charge of the menu served at restaurant. Their most special and popular dish is the A5 Wagyu Striploin which is usually grilled with lotus and asparagus. However, their most expensive and luxurious meal is the Peking duck. Also, Hakkasan offers very luxurious drinks which includes 1998 Chateau Petrus, Pomerol which is usually sold for about $10,500 per bottle. To dine in this restaurant costs about $208 without drinks.

Nobu Miami Restaurant

Located in Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort, this is One of Miami’s most luxury restaurants. They are now expanded and are located all over the world starting from Malibu, to New York, Los Angeles etc. Nobu Miami is a restaurant that serves mostly Sushi along side several signature expensive dishes.

Nobu Miami has some meals that are unnecessarily over priced and they include Chilean Sea Bass with a sauce of black beans which costs $58 as well as a King crab tempura which costs $110. However, the most expensive meal on the menu is Japanese AT Wagyu beef which is sold in any style of your choice for $40 per ounce. You can have it tataki style, toban, just as steak etc. All is meal served here is usually overseen by the head Chef, Nobu Matsuhisa and should cost about $580.

Prime 112

This restaurant was opened in 2004 by Myles Chefetz who runs the Myles Restaurant Group. The group is a series if restaurants belonging to the brand and they include Prime Italian, Prime Fish, Big Pink and even Prime Hotel. Prime 112 has given itself the title of the most modern steakhouse in Miami thus providing us with luxury menus that go beyond the norm.

Headed by Head Chef Myles Chefetz their most signature dishes include truffled lobster Mac and cheese, Kobe beef sliders, blackened swordfish served with papaya salsa and arugula. However, their most expensive dish has got to be the A5 Japanese Kobe Steak which costs about $230 alone. Dining in this restaurant should cost about $600.


Hiden is a restaurant in Miami that is famous for its secrecy. It is easily one of the Most Expensive Restaurants in Miami. Only a total of 8 persons can visit the restaurant at a time. Isn’t that unique and somewhat suspicious?! The Restaurant was first owned and headed by Tadashi Shiraishi. However, he left in 2019 and Chef Tetsuya Honda came in as the Head Chef.

Hiden offers a 10 course tasting menu which changes with the season. These 10 course mean also includes Champagne, Shigoku as well as yuzu green tea granita. They also serve toro, akami, hotate sashimi as well as corn and shishitou lead miso. Hiden final course meal is always Kou, made from AT Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye which is known as the most expensive beef in the world. Dining in this fine restaurant costs about $250 per person without drinks.

Sexy Fish

Located at S Miami Avenue is a nice expensive restaurant called Sexy Finish which is owned by a Michelin star earner, Chef Bjorn Weissgerber. Weissgerber earned the star when he was 27 years old in 2002 at Ca’s Puers in Mallorca. He also trained with many famous chefs including Alfons Schuhbeck, Eckart Witzigmann as well as Rainer Becker.

Sexy Fish offers meals that includes a lot of fresh Japanese and seafood favorites all in a 10 course menu that costs $130 or about $240 if you want premium service. Their signature meat meals include a whole baby Chicken with Yuzu and chickpeas which costs $32.60. They also have spicy beef tenderloin with black pepper and ginger that amounts to about $48.30. However their most expensive meat meals is a 32oz tomahawk steak made from Australian Wagyu with the signature condiments for about $280. Dining in this restaurant costs $280 per person.

Naoe Miami

Naoe is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in a huge tasting menu that offers a 2-3 hour dinner for $280. Lead by Head Chef Kevin Cory, they are famous for their bento box, full of fresh Japanese seasonal favorites. Chef Kevin is one of the most decorated chefs in Miami. had won a 5 star award every year since 2019 through the Forbes Travel Guide.

Naoe Miami offers so many multi course meals in Kaiseki style. Kaiseki style is a kind of service that involves individual pieces of food served on a tray most especially with ceremonial tea. Dining in this restaurant should cost about $280 too.

Matador Room

If what you are searching for us the local seasonal Ingredients and flavors if South America, Spain and the Caribbean, the Matador Room us the perfect choice for you. This restaurant would remind you of your Old school years with its oval dining room which gives a different look. Although to this restaurant might have an archaic fashion setting, you will enjoy its menu a lot.

Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten serves you the cuisine from Latin America, Spain, the Caribbean and South America. The Menu is set in such a way that diners experience different dishes every day. You can come here to enjoy Lunch and Dinner only. Dinning here costs about $350

Nossa Omakase

This restaurant is nearly the most expensive restaurant in Miami. They combine Latin flavors with Japanese sushi techniques. “Omakase” is a phrase that literally means “I’ll leave it up to you” which means that the customer is giving the Chef a go ahead to serve him any meal from his course menu. This phrase is used Because the ingredients used in making Sushi is often  seasonal and this the Menu has to change according to the available ingredient for the season.

The Head Chef Max Kamakura is in charge of everything food in this restaurant. Dining here is going to cost you a whooping sum of $450 per head. Their most expensive dinner include the Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu beef which is the most expensive steak in the world. Nossa Omakase offers a 13-15 course meal which includes the Italian truffle.

House of Food Porn

This restaurant is basically a mix of exquisite showmanship, and fine dining. This is easily on of the Most Expensive Restaurants in Miami. They take your everyday Normal ingredient reserved for the classiest restaurant and add a little local touch to give it a unique taste and experience. The head Chef, Chef Blanco is famous for making his “shushi”. He does this by using the normal sushi Making technique together with a Cuban Flavor profile.

It must have been a surprise to see Sushi spelt as “shushi” right? The name actually originated from the chef’s Grandmother. Chef Blanco made Sushi for his Grandmother on certain time and while she was expressing her delight, she called the meal “shushi” because she couldn’t properly pronounce it and it stuck. Chef Blanco has an history of being able to turn any food he touches into sushi. Dining at his Fine restaurant costs about $500 per head.


According to the records, the most expensive restaurant in Miami is the Nusr-Et. This restaurant has a fine dining set and are famous for coating their meals in edible Gold. A perfect example is their Gold Steak that is coated in 24K Gold and it Costs about $590. However, their most expensive meal is the Golden Tomahawk which is made from marbled tomahawk steak and 24K gold which costs a solid $1000.

Nusret Gokce the Head Chef is commonly called the “Food entertainer”. His unique food service technique was a meme in 2017 and is being used till today.  The Nusr-Et restaurant is also located in UK, UAE, Greece, Turkey as well as Saudi Arabia. Dining in this restaurant costs about $1200 per head.

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Miami is a city famous for its amazing night life and lifestyle. If you’re seeking to vacation in Miami and you want to show off your class, this is a put together list of the “Most expensive restaurants in Miami”. We will also look at its costs, menu and head chefs. Stay with us!

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