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It is no news that there are famous people around the world however, let us look into the life of one particularly famous Lady, Kelly Leveque. We will carefully look at Kelly Leveque Net worth, her biography, Career etc.

Who is Kelly Leveque?

Kelly Leveque is a 39 year old American woman born on the 9th of July, 1983. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Kelly is easily 5 feet 6 inches, a Cancer and is Caucasian. She is a celebrity health coach, Nutritionist, Instagram star as well as a blogger. The name of her blog is “Be Well by Kelly” which mainly focuses on the wellness of the human Body. Kelly is by no doubt passionate about the science of human nutrition. She is also a certified yoga instructor as well as a personal trainer. She is one of the richest bloggers in CA and holds a position in the ranks of top famous and rich people.

Kelly’s Education

As earlier stated, Kelly is passionate about the science of human Nutrition. Driven by this passion, love, her desire to help humanity and her own intellectual curiosity, she studies latest researches, evaluates conflicting theories and reads anything she can lay her hands on. She uses the knowledge gathered from all these readings and researches to give her clients individualized recommendations.

Kelly received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of South California as well as he Postgraduate clinical Nutrition education through UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Kelly Leveque Family: Then and Now

Although Kelly is quite Famous and rich however, unlike most famous people we know nothing about Kelly Leveque’s Family. She has never said anything about her Father on Social Media or the press, neither has she said anything about her mother and siblings. She has however posted pictures of her Mother on Instagram a few times. Kelly’s Childhood was simple and easy. She said she has parents who loves and supports whatever she decides to do. They lived quite a humble and peaceful life growing up.

Kelly is currently married to a charming young man whom she calls the love of her life. Kelly is a humble woman with a kind heart who just wanted to live her life helping others. This among many other attributes made Chris fall in love with her. They dated for 11 years and eventually got married. It’s been 6 years now and their relationship is growing stronger by the day.

Their love and marriage has given them a Very beautiful boy, Sebastian. Sebastian is approximately 4 years old and has been a bundle of joy to them. She also has another son whose name is Tashan. Both her boys are under 5 years old. Kelly and Chris are the perfect example of couple goals as their posts on Instagram about each other is everything to die for. Many of her followers aspire to have relationships like hers.

Kelly’s Career

Before she started her consulting business and her blog, Kelly worked for a handful of companies like J&J, Styker as well as Hologic. It was after working for these companies that she eventually ventured into her passion of consulting and helping out with health concerns. Kelly has also worked with some big name celebrities which includes Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum, Jennifer Garner and Chelsea Handler.

Asides being a wellness coach, Kelly is also a certified Yoga instructor. She takes on the burden of helping some of her clients through a mild yoga session to free the body and mind. In addition to being all of these, Kelly is a Best selling Author too. We willing talk about her books and its impact soon. However, it is safe to say that Kelly Leveque is generally interested and hugely vested in anything that has to do with the human body and health. And obviously all of these sums up Kelly Leveque Net worth which we will discuss soon.

Kelly Leveque Books

As earlier stated, Kelly is an amazing writer and her books have done a lot to help the general public. She is the best selling Author of Body Love and Body Love Everyday. The latter was published on the 31st of December, 2019. In this book, the author, the author shares with us a tailored approach which she has comprehensively created for four different types of women. These women include; The Girl on the Go, The Domestic Goddess, The plant-devotee and the Red-Carpet ready girl.

In her book, Body Love, she helps you get past the whole drama that comes with not feeding right. Gives you healthier schedule and great eating pattern that will help you fall in love with your body. Kelly’s Food program helps in eliminating the whole mood swing, body change, cravings and all other symptoms caused by food drama. She centers on the FAB 4 which includes; Fat, Protein, Fiber and Grains which can transform your health, body and relationship with food.

Kelly Leveque Net worth

It is no news that Kelly Leveque is involved in quite a large stream of income generating businesses. However we would discuss the areas from where she actually gets the money that sums up her Net worth.

Sponsorship: As a result of Kelly’s fame and her Huge number of followers on Instagram, brands pay a certain amount of money for her to make posts about them. This could be an advert or a recommendation, anything. The average she charges for sponsorship is roughly between $900 and $2000 depending on her decision and choice.

Consultancy: We earlier discussed the fact that Kelly is a holistic nutritionist and owns a blog. However, she shares nutritional tips and benefits through her blog on the website. She charges both her old and new customers about $100-$750. She also offers nutrition counseling, helps people understand their body and eating habits and so much more. Sometimes, she even put her Yoga certificate to the test!

However, after evaluating all her streams of income over the years, Kelly is presumed to be worth about $1million to $5million.

Kelly Leveque Net worth

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Kids does Kelly have?

Kelly Leveque has 2 kids, both under the age of 5. Their names are Tashan and Sebastian.

Who has Kelly Leveque worked with?

Kelly has worked with so many big name celebrities which includes Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum etc.

What is the FAB 4 Kelly?

To make dieting easier, Kelly put together a list of four formulas you should always have in every meal. Fat, Protein, Fiber and Greens. These 4 formula are essential for the body and health.

Is Kelly Dead?

We don’t know why this question keeps coming up but Kelly is very much alive and well. Happy with her husband, her kids and family as a whole.

Is Kelly overweight?

Contrary to Popular belief, Kelly is quite Slim and fit.

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It is no news that there are famous people around the world however, let us look into the life of one particularly famous Lady, Kelly Leveque. We will carefully look at Kelly Leveque Net worth, her biography, Career etc.

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