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A Memorialized Facebook account is just one part of an online legacy. It’s likely that Google searches will yield other details about any person’s life. If you choose to memorialize a Facebook account, it may give you peace of mind to create a space for those in your network. They will likely have an easier time staying in touch, keeping the memory of the deceased alive, and leaning on one another in times of sorrow. Choosing to delete your account or a loved one’s instead is fine, too. Perhaps you found another solution for an online memorial, or don’t see the need for one. Memories of the deceased can live on just as vividly online as they can in the hearts and minds of those who love them.

Whether you share posts on Facebook often, periodically, or not at all, you may wonder what happens to your account after you die.Will it exist forever and ultimately cause confusion? Whose responsibility is it, if anyone’s, to notify your network and the world that you’re no longer living? People are always confused about all of this and it’s possibilities.

what you need to know; Memorializing a Facebook account is a way to keep your account active after you die. Instead of your Facebook name as is, memorialization changes it to read “Remembering” plus your name. The name change makes it clear that you have passed to your Facebook friends and anyone searching for you.

Steps On How To Memorialize A Facebook Account :

If you know someone who has recently passed away and would like to memorialize their Facebook account, Facebook has made the process quite simple.First, you’ll need to gather required documentation. You’ll need to provide Facebook with the following information:

  • Full name on the person’s profile
  • Link to the person’s profile
  • The email address that was likely used to create the account
  • Your full name
  • Your contact email address
  • Upload a scanned copy of the death certificate, obituary, memorial card, or other documentation showing they’ve passed away
  • The date of death.

Once you have this information, you can submit a memorialization request on Facebook.

How to Set Up Facebook Legacy Contacts:

First, you can select a Facebook friend, and the selected friend doesn’t have to be your relative. They only have to be on your friend list. Second, you can request to have your Facebook account deleted after your death .

Here’s how to add a Facebook legacy contact:

  • Navigate to Facebook, click on the drop-down button next to the notification bell at the top right of the screen, and click on “Settings & privacy.”
  • Under “Settings & privacy,” click on “Settings.”
  • You should be taken to the “General” tab. Under “General Account Settings,” you should see “Memorialization Settings.”
  • Click on “Edit” on the right.

Subsequently, Facebook tells you what actions your selected legacy contact can take when you pass away. They can manage who can post, see, and remove tributes to you.Additionally, your legacy contact can do the following: Request deletion of your Facebook account Respond to friend requests Update your profile and cover photos .

Note: Your legacy contact can’t manage the posts you made on your account before you passed away. Furthermore, they can’t post under your name or see the contents of your Messenger.

  • After fully understanding what electing a legacy contact for your Facebook account means, type down your trusted Facebook friend’s name in the “Choose a friend” field and click “Add.”
  • After you click on “Add,” you’ll see a window where you can send a template that you can send as a message to your legacy contact. You can edit this message or opt not to send it.

Who can memorialize a Facebook account?

If a friend has passed away, you or their family can memorialize their Facebook account. Memorialized accounts don’t appear in ads, birthday reminders or as suggestions for People You May Know. Memorialization is a big decision. Before requesting memorialization, we recommend reaching out to the person’s family.

What does a memorialized Facebook look like?

A Memorialized Account looks a lot like a regular Facebook profile, with the deceased’s photo, cover photo, friends list, posts, and About info displaying as it did during the person’s life.

What happens to messenger when you memorialize a Facebook account?

If you opt to memorialize your account after death, you need to assign a legacy contact. This is the person who will essentially manage your memorialized account after you die. You’ll be prompted to enter a short message to the new legacy contact, which is sent over Facebook Messenger.

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