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Yes, there’s a way you can keep your likes private on Facebook, Because it seems like Facebook likes are now competitive, few users likes it private not to share few engagements on the App ( Facebook ) especially when it comes to Facebook Likes and also their last seen on messenger…… If you have been finding it very difficult to achieve this, I’m here to give you guidelines on how to achieve it and stay private in the App.

Here are the Helpful guidelines to keep your likes on Facebook Private :

  • First Click on the three lines in the top right corner of Facebook.
  • Select “Settings.
  • ”Select “Privacy.”Under “Who can see your future posts?
  • ” select “Friends, Scroll down and uncheck the box that says “Likes and interests.”Save your changes.

Follow this guidelines to restrict your active status on Messenger App :

  • First open your messenger App;
  • Click on your profile picture at the left side in the messenger App;
  • Select Active Status, then click on it to swipe on/off sign which will reflect as you are clicking on it.

Ways to restrict your friends from seeing your likes on Facebook :

There is no way to restrict friends from seeing your likes on Facebook , you can adjust your privacy settings to limit who can see your likes. To achieve this,

go to the Privacy Settings page and select the Custom option. From there, you can choose which friends can see your likes count on Facebook App.

Does turning off likes makes you less engaged on Facebook: Yes it does By removing likes counts on posts, Facebook and Instagram take away one of the main indicators of engagement. Brands and marketers may lose out because users could be less motivated to like a post just because they feel like people are not following up your engagements and again maybe you don’t put up good contents on your page. So in other ways it’s risky to turn off likes some times especially for content creators.

Alot of Facebook users chooses to switch off their Active Status, because they are keeping it private to message with few friends and family members, because they feel like anytime their Active Status is showing online; it’s trouble for them so they choose to message few persons and leave the App. They choose to appear offline only for certain people that you select.

When you turn off your Active Status, messages will still go to your Chat list for you to read later. If you use the Messenger app, you’ll also receive messages in Messenger. So there’s nothing much to be worried about. Most often people are not always in the mood to exchange messages but they are online at that period of time.

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