ALDI mobile now comes with 5G on the Telstra network

ALDImobile, the mobile telco run by discount supermarket ALDI, has turned on 5G on some of its mobile plans… but like most things, there’s a catch.

ALDImobile uses the Telstra network and as part of its 5G switch-on will receive access to Telstra’s 5G footprint, which will cover approximately 75% of the Australian population. The catch is that only higher-end plans have access to 5G (for now), and that means the $55 mobile plan. Fortunately, the plan offers unlimited calls and texts with 60GB of data and a 30-day validity, so it’s a pretty reasonable ask.

Of course, to take advantage of the 5G connection, you must also bring your own 5G-compatible smartphone with the ALDImobile service.

The news of 5G being enabled for ALDImobile follows a report earlier this year in which Telstra said it would allow MNVO partners such as ALDImobile, Woolworths Mobile and Boost access to its 5G network this year. Boost has already switched on 5G access (admittedly as a ‘trial’ until sometime in September), as has Woolworths Mobile, and ALDImobile is following suit.

However, the new offer won’t be popular with all ALDImobile users – the $55 plan isn’t for everyone, but the good news is that the existing 4G network already has wide coverage and super-fast speeds, so if you can’t afford 5G yet t, probably doesn’t really matter.

That said, if you’re an ALDImobile customer with a 5G-enabled device and you’re waiting for a 5G-enabled plan, this could be a significant deal.

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