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Are you into Magic and Magic cards? Or are you an arts collector that buys the idea of Magic and Magical cards? Then you might be interested in this as we have compiled a list of the “10 Most Expensive MTG cards”. Stay with us to know what all of this is about.

What is an MTG Card?

Before I dive into the main reason for this article, I thought it wise to give a quick over view of what MTG cards really are.

In the year 1993, the Wizards of the Coast introduced the first trading card game, Magic: The Gathering popularly known as Magic or MTG. Since its introduction, Magic had about 35 million players as at December 2018. However during the period of 2008-2016, over 20 billion Magic cards were produced and this was the year it grew in popularity. Magic was designed Richard Garfield and was originally made for players above the age of 13.

The most amazing thing about Magic is the fact that it can be played in person with printed cards or on a smartphone, computer etc. with virtual cards through the software. Magic is usually played by 2 or more people and it follows two basic rule formats: Constructed and Limited. While the latter meant the players had to build their deck of cards out of random cards just with a minimum of 40 cards, the former does the same but with the cards they already own and with a minimum of 60 cards per deck.

Although new cards are released on a regular basis through expansion sets, value can be placed on certain cards as a result of scarce availability as well as utility in gameplay. Having understood this, let is take a look at the 10 Most Expensive MTG cards there are in the world. It is important to note that the information in this article has been gathered from different sources all over the internet.


Coming as the 10th on the list is the Time Vault rumored to be one of the most deceiving cards on the list. Designed by artist Yeong-Hao Han, the Time Vault is card Number 287 and costs about $1000 to $3000 depending on its condition. There are important things to note about the Time Vault and they are;

  • The Time Vault is usually untapped when it enters the field.
  • During your untap step, the Time Vault doesn’t untap.
  • It is advised that you skip a turn if you would begin your turn while Time Vault is tapped and when you do, untap Time Vault.

However, while untapping, you need to be very careful as it would determine whether or not you get a real advantage later in the game.


This MTG card gives you the power to resurrect different creature while performing a series of spells. It supplies it’s possessor with White Mana. This particular card might just be the difference between life and death for you when used early in the game and can fetch about $1500 to $3,750 depending on the quality. The Mox Pearl was designed by an artist called Dan Frazier.

Due to the fact that Mox Pearl is basically a cheat card that lets you cheat on the one land per turn rule. However you should note that you Dan play as many as you like as it won’t cost you any Mana. So, go on, tap them all at once if you want…It costs nothing! Mox Pearl is currently banned in Commander and Legacy and restricted in Vintage.


The Time work is ranked 8th on the list and will cost you about $1650 to $5000 depending on its condition. Having this card in your possession gives you the power to momentarily disrupt the rules of the game. Simply put, it lets you take a turn when theirs is over.

This is one of the most sort after cards as it puts you way above your opponent, it gives you an edge over them. Imagine having more than one Time Walk…its like having all the power in your hands as you can use it during your Extra turn and gain another turn after that. Rumor has it that the Time Walker is the one of the Original Blue Cards.


There is more to this Mox card that meets the eye. Valued to be about $1500 – $5000, the Mox Emerald has been known to completely transform the outcome of a battle tremendously. It is a part of the infamous Power Nine and could be used as an advantage if brought in early in the game.

Mox Emerald is a Mono Artifact and tapping it can be played as an interrupt, almost like Time Walker. Also just like the Time Walker it is currently banned in Commander and Legacy but restricted in Vintage. These cards are incredibly rare and lets you use multiple spells ahead of the curve.


Just like the previously reviewed MTG card, Mox Ruby is also one of the Power Nine. This is a card that allows players to gain an extra point of Red Mana each turn. If you combined the power of the Mox Ruby with any other Power Nine jewel, then you can place better cards as well as boost your mama. If in good condition, this card will cost you about $2000 to $6000.

This card was also designed by Dan Frazier and is a very very rare artifact. This card is considered illegal in certain circumstances like Standard, Pioneer, Explorer etc. Just like the previous two, it is banned in. legacy and Commander but Restricted in Vintage. However, this card gives you excellent benefits when used correctly


The Time twister was illustrated by Mark Tedin and is a member of the Power Nine as well. The Time Twister has the power to make you and your opponent start the game all over again with no questions asked. When playing with this card, each player shuffles his or her hand as well as graveyard into his or her library then draw seven cards. After all these, Time twister is literally put into its owner’s grave.

This card is very beneficial if you’re in a tight corner or you’ve been dealt a very difficult hand during the game. With Time Twister, you can return all of your most powerful cards to your deck thus forcing your competitor to make a move that leaves them vulnerable and exposed. This card is estimated to cost about $4000-$6000.


As a result of how powerful this card is ,it is sold at an unusually high and fixed price, $10,000. However, over the years its price has varied as some sellers list it for as low as $1500. I’d advice you to be sure that this card is in good condition before you purchase as any wrong purchase might out you at a very great risk.

The Mix Jet gives you the power to cast some of the most powerful spells in the game thus generating an extra point of black mana per turn. If your aim is to destabilize your partner and mentally exhaust them, then Mox Jet is your go to MTG card.


Of all the Mix cards earlier discussed, Sapphire is the most powerful, little wonder why it is ranked 3rd on the list of the 10 most expensive MTG cards. It is the last member of the Power Nine and the most valuable Mox Jewel. The Mox Sapphire grants the players an extra blue point of mana per turn due to how powerful blue cards were in the original set of Magic: The Gathering.

Because of the power and weight the Mox Sapphire carries, it is estimated to cost about $2000-$13000. However a Limited Edition Alpha Version usually sells for around $6000. It is a very rare artifact and was designed by the infamous Dan Frazier. Just like the other Jewels in the Mox franchise, Mox Sapphire is banned in Legacy and Commander but restricted in Vintage.


This card is easily one of the most two sided cards ever. This card allows either you or your partner draw 3 cards. It is two sided in the sense that it depends at what level of the game you are for the card to be of advantage to you. If you draw 3 cards, you automatically have more options, however is your partner draws 3 cards, you will be able to quickly and easily take their deck away. In essence, if things are not looking nice for you, the Ancestral Recall could just be the difference between winning and losing for you.

A Limited Edition Alpha Version of the Ancestral Recall, depending on its quality and condition should cost about $3500-$20000. If you are lucky enough and you happen to have more than one of this card at your disposal, then your win is sure provided you know when to make the ultimate winning move.


This is ranked number one on the list of the 10 Most Expensive MTG cards. It is the most powerful and popular card there is as it gives whosever is in its possession the power to have 3 extra mana of any one color. Unfortunately, the Black Lotus has been banned in a lot of format so it doesn’t hold as much power as it normally should. However if you happen to be in possession of this card in a format where it is accepted, you can use them with no cost to you whatsoever.

The price of this iconic card puts all other cards in the mud as a Limited Edition Alpha Black Lotus Version is estimated to cost about $100,000-$250,000. In fact in a recent auction, it was sold for $166,000!! This is a lot compared to all other MTG cards but it is Worth it when used in a format where it is accepted.

In conclusion, we hope you agree with our compiled list the 10 most expensive MTG cards in the world. Let us know in the comment session which card you’d buy if you wanted to and why.

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Are you into Magic and Magic cards? Or are you an arts collector that buys the idea of Magic and Magical cards? Then you might be interested in this as we have compiled a list of the “10 Most Expensive MTG cards”. Stay with us to know what all of this is about.

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